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Here are some of the nice things to do and see in Smithfield.  We are not only a sleepy country village!  Just click on slideshow and read all about it.

Smithfield's own Insect man!

Cameron Torode lives with his parents in one of the oldest houses in Smithfield - dating back to the 1850's. Since he was small he had a love of insects, snakes, goggas and goeters. It is his passion to collect many species of thingies and to learn more about them. He has a vast knowledge of insect life and regularly walks into the hills around town to collect insects and will gladly meet people who would like to view his collection. A donation of R25 per person towards his work will let you get close and personal with some of the goggas that he has to show. Call Johann for more info. 0823365480

Sue-Rosie's Mud House

Smithfield has an amazing, colourful and interesting artist by the name of Sue Rosie who built her own mud house from the soil, clay and straw on her property. It is one of the main attractions in the town and although it is still a work in progress, she will be happy to allow visitors to come and look how her dream is coming to fruition. Visits can be arranged by calling Johann on 0823365480 at the Purple House Bed and Breakfast at R25 per person It truly is worth the visit. Even if you come to Smithfield for this alone! The Mud House is on the walking route through town within about 5 minutes from the start of the mountain walking trail.

Smithfield's Insects

While on your walking tour of Smithfield you should find it fun to have a closer look at the beautiful insects of our town. It is always fun for the kids to take pictures of these wierd and wonderful creatures. Smithfield is a treasure trove for those wanting to look at insects and birdlife. Come and visit. we have many fantastic accommodation venues. For more info call Johann Greeff on 0823365480 For more info and pics go to Facebook page called Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

Old Slaughterhouse walking tra

The Old Abatoir walking trail starts from Pula house. Walk accross the river and see the (now defunct) old Abatoir. Take a leisurely stroll along the river through some beautiful surroundings to the golf course - the 3rd oldest course in the Free state. It is a round trip of about 7 kilometers and is good for those who do not want to take the more strenuous Mountain Hiking trail. The golf course is absolutely beautiful and the two par 3's some of the most spectacular in the country. You may even discover old Bushman Paintings along the way...... Look carefully and who knows? For more info call Johann Greeff 0823365480. For more pics go to facebook page Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

Smithfield's Mountain walking

Smithfield has a wonderful hiking trail along and to the top of our beautiful mountain. Hikers are able to walk the trail in around 4 hours. Plans are afoot to set out a longer trail for those that want a more vigorous walking experience. Come to Smithfield for a nice experience. This trail is also the nearest mountain trail to Bloemfontein. More info on Facebook....Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

The Caledon Museum

Updated over a year ago Our Museum is only about a 10 minute walk from the start of the mountain hiking trail and a wonderful place to see how the old lived in our area. Smithfield was first founded in 1848 as a church centre on the farm Waterval, owned by CS Halse. As there was no water, it was decided to move the town about 24Km northeast to its present position, on another farm, Rietpoort. It was founded when the then Cape Colony governor, Sir Harry Smith (1847-1852), required a settlement north of the Orange River. Smithfield is the third oldest village in the Free State. It had a village board by 1860, but became a municpality only in 1948. Smithfield features in some Boer-Basotho skirmishes. In 1855, a peace meeting was held between Sir George Grey and Moshesh of the Basotho people. The well-known mission stations, Carmel and Bersheba, are situated in the Smithfield district. Their activities are represented in the museum as well as those of leading personalities such as general C.R. de Wet and the late P.G. Hoffman, president of the Free State Republic. Ou Grietjie, a cannon used by the Free State in the Basuto wars, has been mounted in front of the magistrate's office. It was named after Margaret (Grietjie) Finlay, wife of the gunner Robert Finlay. The museum was opened on 7 November 1983. Open: Mondays - Fridays: 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-!6:00 Caledon River Museum Municipality, Smithfield, 9966 5 Douglas Street, Smithfield Tel.: (051) 6831105 Fax.: (051) 6831143 Mondays - Fridays: 10:00-12:00 14:00-!6:00... More info and pics on Facebook page Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

Voortrekker Monument

This monument is for the Voortrekkers and stand at the entrance of the main street in Smithfield


The Cemetery in Smithfield is one of the oldest in the Free state and worth a visit! There are war graves and other historical figures were buried here like the first church Dominee of the Reformed church, the first shopkeeper etc. A comprehensive list and pictures of the graves can be found at http://www.eggsa.org/library/main.php?g2_itemId=339748&g2_page=1 The cemetery is easily reached on foot at the start of the hiking trail that leads up the mountain. More info and pics on Facebook page - Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

Oakdene Pastorie/Baby Hospital

Oakdene dates back to around 1850. It was the home of the church Reverant and later became a maternity hospital. Many a resident of Smithfield was born in this house. Many beautiful original fittings are still to be found here. Light fittings from the 1850's can still be seen in the house. It must have been a beautiful place for mothers-to-be to come to and take delivery of their babies. The wide slate covered stoep overlooking the street must have many tales to tell! The house is today in private hands and plans to renovate and repaint is on the agenda. Oakdene is about a 10 minute walk from the start of the mountain hiking trail. more pics on Facebook page - Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

Helvetia Historical site

Helvetia is 27 km's from the town of Smithfield. It dates back to pre 1890 when a farmer donated the church and the school to the Dutch Reformed Church to use it so as to spread the word of God amongst the local people and to school the local kids. Legend has it that it is near the farm where the boer General Christiaan de Wet was born. Take the Wepener Road and turn left on the Dewets Dorp road. More pics on Facebook page - Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart


This is one of the oldest buildings in Smithfield. It was home to the first Undertaker and later became the first Butchery in town....would you believe that? This building has been sold and will hopefully soon return to it's former glory. The emblem on the front was probably fitted there when it was a butchery...seeing that it portrays a cow of some sort. This building is next to Oakdene and withing 10 minutes from the start of the mountain hiking trail. Come to Smithfield in the Free State and stay over in one of our fabulous guest houses and B and B's. Self catering is also available. Call Johann Greeff on 0823365480 for rates and weekend specials. More pics on Facebook page - Smithfield, Free State, Little Town - Big Heart

Smithfield Books

Smithfield Books sells excellent new and used books. Collector's pieces can be found here as the owner Alistair searches the whole country for interesting and quirky books to sell here. Fiction, non-fiction....you name it. It is all here. Call Johann Greeff for more info. 0823365480

Excentrix Vintage Collectibles

Situated on the friendly N6 route, halfway to nowhere and anywhere, nestled among mountains in the quaint village of Smithfield. Our shop was recently described as erg eksentriek by an article in the Beeld newspaper. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to read the article. You won't find any high end or french antiques in our shop but we have all sorts of collectibles to suit most pockets and most tastes. Come and look for yourself! Our shop is small and quaint but our back garden is BIG and there you can wander around and look at all the interesting goodies. For the more adventurous souls, our son Cameron has a collection of gogga's and critters,(which are not housed in the shop) which can be viewed. Please note that we offer a postal service for smaller items countrywide and for larger items, we have a transporter that delivers between East London & Gauteng. For any other areas not covered by the transporter, a courier service can be arranged by the buyer. If you are lucky you might get to meet Boris our pet pig, but Boris is usually too busy digging up the garden to meet anyone. Watch out though for Eddie the Jack Russell who LOVES people and who thinks everyone loves him as well. As well as dabbling in collectibles etc we also have crafts available - Please see the page garden decor & crafts. This is something new and as of yet we do not have a lot of items listed but the listings will grow..... OUR DOORS ARE ALWAYS OPEN EVEN WHEN CLOSED! http://www.beeld.com/bylae/2013-09-06-kuier-op-smithfield

Platteland Preview

Here’s the tiny dorp of Smithfield tucked below a Free State mountain on the N6, half-way between Gauteng and Grahamstown. Wouldn’t it be a great stop-over for fringe performers on their way to Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival, we thought? Wouldn’t it be a cool place for artists of all kinds to stay for a weekend and show-case their new productions to the people in the platteland? Performers – musicians, dancers, visual artists and actors – agree. So far, scores have applied for a slot on the programme, and we can proudly announce that the first Platteland Preview will take place in Smithfield from Friday June 21 – Sunday June 23, 2013. Our fest is different: we bring cutting edge entertainment to a varied audience – think sophisticated urbanites from Bloemfontein, cool alternatives from Clarens and Rosendal and township kids who have never experienced live theatre till now. We mix venues too, offering a unique experience of popular community hang-outs and historic buildings as well as shows and exhibitions in the homes of our growing community of artists and writers. We have great eateries and a wide range of accommodation to choose from, not to mention fantastic quality market stalls, interesting local history and thrilling eco-adventure trails for those who like to mix exercise with their culture, so add the Platteland Preview weekend to your 2014 diary RIGHT NOW.

The Anglican Church

This church was built in 1863 and still used as a church and concert hall

The Bioscope

Situated inside an old farm cement dam. Full surround sound is achieved by the fact that it is a round building. open over holiday periods and shows older, arty type of movies.

Front Page!

We have some nice walks around town

Fresh Paint Art

one of a few Art Galleries in town

The Red Barn

THis is one of the oldest buildings in town. It was used for many years as a garage workshop and for petrol sales. Nowadays we use the building as a community hall and concerts and performances are held here.

A real living Pioneer!

Good morning Smithfield lovers! Did you know that Smithfield has a LIVING pioneer amongst us? Her name is Elmarie van Aswegen from the farm Patria, just outside of town She pioneered the productions of sheep milk cheese from a special brand of sheep acquired at great expense from Australia! These are called Awassi sheep. She now produces the most delicious cheese in South Africa. Everyone in Smithfield salutes Elmarie for her endeavours! And once you have tasted her produce, you will even take your hat off to her!

Smithfield's amazing Art Jewel

Lynden Lund - Artsts

Lynden Lund is one of Smithfield's famous artists and lives here with his wife Rose. He is one of a few that can brilliantly capture the vibrant colors of our Free State landscapes. He is well known in art circles and demands a great deal of respect for his work. He sells to South African as well as international art lovers. His studio is in his house in Church street and if you would like to see more of his works then give him a call on 0832630613

Biba's Art Gallery

Biba's Art Gallery is the longest serving art Gallery in town and hosts exhibitions of all genres of the arts. When in Smithfield, do stop over here and enjoy a visual delight of arts and artifacts!