Introduction-Purple House B and B

Some stuff @ Purple House



A Kudu horn gedoente with a head that I made from plastic bags from Shoprite-Checkers.

doggies_8The resident evil Purple House dogs

new_smithfield_pictures_of_shop_and_houseA Gemsbok head picked up while walking on a farm

gill_the_plateOne of the mosaic plates in my house

door_flower_boxAn old back door that appeared in Garden and Home en "Tuis en Tuin" - LOL

johann_helloYou are most welcome here!

johann_metal_art_1Metal art by me

johann_war_of_the_worldsWar of the Worlds painted by me.....aaarghhhh!

johann_voeljohann_voelMosaic plakked by me

johann_sweet_dreams_babyPop art by me

finger_flowersFinger Flowers - painted with acrylics on stretch cancvass

ongeluksnek"Ongeluksnek"  painted by me with acrylics on stretch canvass


My bydrae tot die bewusmaking van die uitroei van ons renosters.
  Die BLIKSEMS!!!!

johann_cottageOne of my own paintings

The_Morass"The Morass" painted by me on stretch canvass and acrylics

Joker"The Joker"  Acrylic on hardboard


Acrylic on stretch canvass


Apparently this was a sea going dinosaur that beached itself onthe beach at Smithfield in ancient times. As you well may know that the Karoo was totally under water for milleniums. That is why there are so many sea creatures found in the Karoo
like Trillobites and fossilised fish. The Americans tell me that they knew of this thing, but has never actually seen a specimen until now!...
I found this on the beach in Smithield.  LOL