Old Archive Picture check-Purple House B and B

Old Archive Picture check

ria_se_huisred_barnRascher_se_winkelRascher_se_winkelou_caledon_brugold_town_view_3mrs_WARDMEISIES_KOSHUISLibrarylibrary_committeeherbst_se_winkeleerste_magistraat_kantoorchurch_street_and_buckleysbusbritse_magte_in_die_poort_1900ou_markwakelyn_street_postcardsmithfield_dam_post_cardsmithfield_dam_post_cardpoort_and_smithfield_seen_from_other_side_YEARS_agoThe old maternity Hospital - Oakdene. This building stands today as the house or Tannie Ria.

The Red Barn garage with Swanepoel and his petrol pump attendant.  The building still stands and is used by the community.

This old shop, built in 1863 still stands and still looks the same.

Picnic on the Caledon river. The bridge was sold to Lesotho, but the pillars remain

Around the 1900's

Mrs. Ward - the famous midwife that brought so many of our older citizens into the world.

The old girls boarding house is today a ruin.  Will make a nice hotel!

Oom Daantjie de Wet was a lawyer in town and the library was named after this man.  Still exists.

The mayor and his buddies in 1948. The man sitting on the left wrote the famous 800 page book on Smithfield

Herbst's shop1890. Building still exists as a shop.

The old Magistrate building was torn down.  This around 1900

1938 people came to celebrate 100 years of the Groot Trek.
Corner building still there!

The railway bus that went to Bloemfon- tein.

British forces arrive at the poort 1900.

Some of the important people at the old Market Square. around 1940

Wakelyn str. Now Church street - on the left is the Smithfield Hotel that still exists.  The trees sadly - no more

  • Smithfield dam in the 50's

The way into Smithfield around 1860


Nuwe foto van die ou NG Kerk wat gesloop was met dinamiet!