Photo Gallery-Purple House B and B

Check my Guests!

 Just some of my wonderful, happy guests who came to visit.


Ariane Howell

brenda farrel and grandson keenan

brian en sannie rens

carli borsdorf en familie

christy and alistair mathie

daniela and michela menegan from italy and canada

david and jackie bryan

elrieta en neil

hans van vryheid


hilda van antwerpen

holly and miles

johann en kollega - g.g. civils

liza and jaco brown-de-wit

luke and marian

mike and kerry

phillippa and kyra

pierre coetzer en elizabeth ferraris

roy and linda

sally, trish and barry

sharon and jo 1

the Gerrard and Rithie family

werner, helmut, udo

Toni, Andre and the gang from

Toni, Andre and the gang from Rustic Jungle Gyms in East London stayed over 11.10.13 and they enjoyed it very much!.JPG

Manuel Escorcio

Ian Roberts and Radio Kalahari

Stayed over in December at the Purple House who organised their concert

Radio Kalahari Orkes

Fabulous fiddler Wynand and booming bass guitarist Barry Steenkamp stayed over in December after their concert

Manuel Escorcio stayed over

Manuel Escorcio stayed over for two nights when he gave shows here. What a cool dude!

Gill Bedwell and other cape guests 1 Dec

An early morning start to the December Holidays for Gill Bedwell and her friends. Lovely young Capetonians who stayed at the Purple House in Smithfield Free State Pictured here in front of the Bioscope. What a pleasure to have such nice people as guests!

Roger Lishman